Space Experts

Welcome to the an ode brillant minds who have driven understand and exploratin in space. The style of the site is an ode to Space Jam, 1996 website: Click around to read Wikipedia pages about these researchers, scientists, explorers and people who have inspired many to come after them. There are several fake and not so fake planets circling the word Experts with a twinkling star background. There are links on the planets and in the surrounding stars.

Hypatia Planet.
Maria Kirch Planet.
Laura Bassi Planet
Caroline Herschel Planet
Vera Rubin Planet
Chien Shiung Wu
Katherine Johnson Planet
Henrietta Swan Leavitt
Hisako Koyama Planet
Valentina Tereshkova Planet
Nyota Uhura Planet
Space Experts Planet
Annie Mauder Planet
Cecilia Gaposchikin Planet
Jill Tarter Planet
Annie Cannon Planet
Sandra Faber Planet
Katie Bouman Planet
Maria Mitchell Planet
Mary Somerville Planet
Mary Jackson Planet
Dorothy Vaughan Planet
Sally Ride Planet
Margaret Burbidge Planet
Wang Zhenyi Planet
Kate Mulgrew Planet